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Wendsday 10 August 2022

Maryam Zangiabadi

Associate Professor

Applied Mathematics

Faculty of Methematical Sciences

Tel: 4424401

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Research Interest
   Convex optimization:
   Interior-point methods:
   Linear optimization models :

Academic Resume

International Journal
1. H. Mansouri, T. Siyavash and M. Zangiabadi, A Path-Following Infeasible Interior-Point Algorithm for Semidefinite Programming , Iranian Journal of Operations Research, 3(1) (2012), 11-30.
2. M. Zangiabadi, and C. Roos, Full Nesterov-Todd step infeasible interior-point method for symmetric optimization , European Journal of Operational Research, 214 (2011), 473-484.
3. H. Mansouri, M. Zangiabadi, New Complexity Analysis of a Full Nesterov-Todd Steps IIPM for Semidefinite Optimization , Bulletin of the Iranian Mathematical Society 37(1) (2011), 269-285.
4. H. Mansouri,M. Zangiabadi, M. Pirhaji, A full-Newton step O(n) infeasible-interior-point algorithm for linear complementarity problems , Nonlinear Analysis: Real World Applications 12(1) (2011), 545-561.
5. G. Gu, H. Mansouri, M. Zangiabadi, Y. Bai, C. Roos, Improved Full-Newton Step Infeasible Interior-Point Method for Linear Optimization , Journal of Optimization Theory and its Applications 145(2010), 271-288.
6. M. Zangiabadi and H. R. Maleki, A method for solving linear programming problems with fuzzy parameters based on multiobjective linear programming technique , Asia-Pacific Journal of Operational Research 24 (4) (2007), 1-17.
7. M. Zangiabadi and H. R. Maleki, Fuzzy goal programming for multiobjective transportation problems , J. Appl. Math. & Computing 24 (1-2) (2007), 449-460.
8. M. Zangiabadi , H. R. Maleki, and M. Mashinchi, A method for solving fuzzy number linear programming problems , seas Transactions on Systems 6 (4) (2005), 796-804.



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