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Wendsday 20 October 2021

Noushin Ghaderi

Assistant Professor

Electrical Engineering-Electronics

Faculty of Technology and Engineering

Tel: 2122


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Research Interest
   Mixed Mode Circuits Design:
   Low Voltage, Low Power Circuits Design:
   Data converter circuits Design:
   Optical Communication circuits Design:
   Clock-Data recovery circuits Design:
   Digital VLSI circuits Design:
   Image sensors and image processing:

Academic Resume

International Journal
1. Hamid Reza Erfani-Jazi, Noushin Ghaderi, A divider-less, high speed and wide locking range phase locked loop , International Journal of Electronics and Communications (AEÜ), 69 (2015) 722–729.
2. Noushin Ghaderi , Khayrollah Hadidi and Bahar Barani, A Novel MDAC Suitable for a 14B, 120MS/S ADC, using a new Folded Cascode OP-AMP , Electrical and Electronics Engineering: An International Journal (ELELIJ) Vol 3, No 2, May 2014
3. Hamid Reza Erfani Jazi, Noushin Ghaderi, A Novel Bulk Driven Charge Pump for Low Power, Low Voltage Applications , IEICE Electronics Express, Vol.11, No.2, 2014
4. Viscosity Prediction by Computational Method and Artificial Neural Network Approach: The Case of Six Refrigerants, Viscosity Prediction by Computational Method and Artificial Neural Network Approach: The Case of Six Refrigerants , The Journal of Supercritical Fluids 2013
5. Noushin Ghaderi, Khayrollah Hadidi, Abdollah Khoei, A CMOS 3.2 Gb/s serial link transceiver, using a new PWAM scheme , Springer Journal of Analog Integrated Circuit and Signal Processing, Vol. 71,No. 3, pp. 421-432, 2012.
International Conference
6. Noushin Ghaderi, Amir Hossein Ghaderi, Face Detection Based on Skin Mask, Number of Holes and SVM , IEEE, IET, International Conference on Information Science and Control Engineering (ICISCE 2012), December 7-9, 2012, Shenzhen, China
7. Noushin Ghaderi, Khayrollah Hadidi, Abdollah Khoei, A novel MDAC for using in a 14bit, 120MS/s ADC in 0.35um CMOS technology , IEEE, ICSICT 2010, 10th International Conference on Solid State and Integrated Circuit technology, Shanghai, China, Nov. 1-4, 2010
8. Nooshin Ghaderi, Khayrollah Hadidi, A CMOS 3.2 GB/s Serial Link Transceiver, Using PWM and PAM Scheme , IEEE, ECCTD’19, European Conference on Circuit Theory and Design. Antalya, August 23 to 27, 2009
9. N.Ghaderi, Kh.Hadidi, A.Khoei, A Low Power/Low Jitter CMOS Phase Locked Loop , IEEE, ICEE 2003, 11th Iranian conference on electrical engineering, Shiraz University, May 2003, Shiraz, Iran
National Conference
10. Zahara Dorostghol, Noushin Ghaderi, Majid Ebnali-Heidari, A Novel 10GHz high speed and low power comparator in 0.18µm CMOS technology , National e-conference on advances in basic sciencesand engineering,2014
11. Hamid Reza Erfani Jazi, Noushin Ghaderi, A Low Power, High Speed and Wide Detectable Frequency Range Phase Detector with a Novel Open Loop Structure , ICEEE2013, 5th Iranian Conference on Electrical and Electronics Engineering. 2013



Number Student Name Title Defence Date
1. A 7Gb/s serial link receiver using a new combination of PWM and PAM modulations.
2. Designing of a high speed Phase- Locked loop

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