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Thursday 11 August 2022

ali ansariardali

Assistant Professor

Applied Mathematics

Faculty of Methematical Sciences



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Research Interest

Academic Resume
   Post Doc, , University of Isfahan, Iran، Graduation Date: 2017
   Phd, , University of Isfahan, Iran، Graduation Date: 2015
   Master, , Kharazmi University, Iran، Graduation Date: 2009
   Bachelor, , Shahrekord University‎, Iran، Graduation Date: 2007

International Journal
1. Bahram Hosseinzadeh Samani, Ava Behruzian, Mohammad Hadi Khoshtaghaza, Mehrsa Behruzian, Ali Ansari Ardali, The investigation and optimization of two combined pasteurization methods of ultrasonic-pulse electric field and hydrodynamic-pulse electric field on sour cherry juice using RSM-TOPSIS(2020) ,
2. A. Ansari Ardali, S. Nobakhtyan, and N. Movahedian, Convexificators and boundedness of the Kuhn-Tucker multiplier sets‎. "Optimization”.(2017). ,
3. A. Ansari Ardali, S. Nobakhtyan, and N. Movahedian; , Optimality conditions for nonsmooth equilibrium problems via Hadamard directional derivative. “Set-valued and VariationalAnalysis”. (2016). ,
4. A. Ansari Ardali, S. Nobakhtyan, Necessary Optimality Conditions for isolated local minimum of nonsmooth multiobjective problems, Numerical Functional Analysis and Optimization, (2015) ,
5. A. Ansari Ardali, S. Nobakhtyan, Boundedness‎ of the ‎strong‎ KKT ‎Multipliers ‎for ‎proper and isolated efficiencies in ‎nonsmooth‎ multiobjective‎ optimization. “Mathematical Reports”.(2015). ,
6. A. Ansari Ardali, S. Nobakhtyan, and N. Movahedian, Optimality conditions for nonsmooth mathematical programs with equilibrium constraints, using convexificators, Optimization.(2014) ,
Research Journal
٧. علی انصاری اردلی, دوگانگي نوع ولف براي برنامه‌ها‌‌ي رياضي با قيود تعادلي ناهموار (2021) ,
8. Ali Ansari Ardali, Necessary optimality conditions for non-smooth continuous-time problems, using convexi cators(2021) ,
9. Bahram Hosseinzadeh Samani, Marziyeh Ansari Samania, Rahim Ebrahimi,Zahra Esmaeili, Ali Ansari Ardali, Energy, Exergy and environmental Analysis and optimization of Biodiesel Production from Rapeseed using Ultrasonic Waves(2020) ,
10. A. Ansari Ardali, Boundedness of KKT multipliers in fractional programming problem using convexificators. “Iranian Journal of Operational Research” (2015). ,
International Conference
11. Ahmadreza Raeisi Dehkordi, Ali Ansari Ardali, The Minimax Location Problem with Closest Distance with Circle Demand Regions(2021) ,
12. Ali Ansari Ardali, Optimality and duality for efficiency in nonsmooth multiobjective fractional optimization problems(2021) ,
13. Ali Ansari Ardali, A new proof of the second order conditions of non-linear fractional programming(2021) ,
14. A. Ansari Ardali, S. A. Raeisi and E. Mokhlis, The multi-objective hub location problem.50th Annual Iranian Mathematics Conference.(2019) ,
15. A. Ansari Ardali, S. A. Raeisi, Optimality and duality for proper efficient solutions in nonsmooth multiobjective optimizatio.50th Annual Iranian Mathematics Conference.(2019) ,
16. Ali Ansari Ardali, Convexificators and strong KKT Multipliers for proper and isolated efficiencies in multiobjective optimization, 49th Annual Iranian Mathematics Conference.(2018) ,
National Conference
17. Yasin Fadaei , Ali Ahmadi , Ali Ansari Ardali, Modeling of B cells leukemia using system of fractional ordinary differential equations(2020) ,



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