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Monday 24 January 2022

Faculty of Engineering and Technology at Shahrekord University was established in 1998 and it consists of a 17000 square-meter, 4 story building and a collection of 1200 square-meter workshop. The student population of Faculty of Engineering is approximately 1600 students majoring in 19 various fields consists of under-graduate, graduate and doctoral students. In order for this to accomplish, 43 full-time and 50 part-time faculty members are helping as part of a global team. Various fields in faculty of Engineering are involved: 1- Mechanical Engineering, 2- Electrical Engineering, 3- Material Engineering, 4- Civil Engineering, and 5- Computer Science. So far, up to now, 1661 under-graduate and 183 graduate students have been instructed and graduated. 75 research in-house contracts and 20 industrial projects are among the accomplishments.


The available disciplines in Master of Sciences (MSc), and Doctorate program (Ph.D.) are as follows in Faculty of Engineering and Technology:


Master of Sciences (MSc)

Doctorate program (Ph.D.)


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