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Sunday 19 September 2021


 The Office of Information Technology Shahr-e-kord university , Relying on the knowledge and abilities of faculty professors and their experts,  As a trustee of IT activities , In order to realize the mechanization of university processes, the policy development of the growing IT field at the university , Technical review and monitoring of the process of computer equipment, evaluation and evaluation of the required software systems required by the university , produce web systems and... Provide security for the infrastructure and software systems of the university

* production IT services to users at the organization 

* production services related to the mechanization of processes of various units covered by the organization

* production electronic communication platform for various covered units

* Provide automation office services to all covered units

* Surveying and monitoring the implementation of IT projects at the university level

* Providing Internet services to users at the all organization level

* Enabling the organization's users to use IT facilities

* Supervising the design and development of websites covered by university units

Shahrekord University

Address: Shahrekord, Rahbar Bolvar, Shahrekord University
Tel: 03832324401 till 03832324407
Postal Code: 64165478
Email: info@sku.ac.ir

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