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Sunday 19 September 2021

Support and hardware

support and maintenance services

The purpose of this section is to provide current services for information and communication technology and to maintain the hardware, software and network of the university.


The rows of related tasks are as follows



       Troubleshoot hardware and software problems of all computer systems on the network
       Providing ID of network computers
       Maintenance and management of the network
       Investigation and application of methods and strategies for coping with infiltration and viral contamination
       Software and hardware support for classes equipped with data projector and smartwatch
       Maintain and maintain network communication with the comprehensive university and refer to the related problems, to the comprehensive university
       Technical support for all network systems and units
       Software support of all applied software used in the network and the centers (Churmon office automation, training software, website, attendance, payroll accounting, etc.)
       Buy equipment and computer parts of optimum quality and reasonable prices on the market
       Performing the undergraduate, purchasing, repairing and updating of IT equipment
       IT consulting and guidance and collaboration with managers, staff and students in selecting existing software, hardware and databases, and other resources required to meet the requirements.
       Examine existing products and systems and suggest possible alternatives to meet the specified requirements
       Install, configure and modify software, networks, data banks and other systems
       Collaborate on reviewing requirements and evaluating potential purchases to be compatible with existing systems
       Reviewing and concluding maintenance and support contracts with technical supervision

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