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Sunday 19 September 2021

Infrastructure and Network Division

The purpose of this section is to provide current technology services and maintenance of hardware, software and networking of the university.


 The roles of this unit are as follows:


Network infrastructure development
Create and manage university email
A periodical visit to all of the computer systems available on the network
Support and update the network's Internet site
Upgrading local servers to optimize service delivery to users
Action to connect or disconnect existing computers in the area by requiring and providing the necessary pre-requisites and performing related settings in accordance with the technology management processes.
Manage and support the internal network and connect it to the external network
Eliminating the bugs of users in using university services in accordance with the technology management processes
Support and maintenance of the wireless network and fix it
Analysis of various types of user access levels
Assigning a variety of user access levels (Internet, Intranet and Print)
Analysis in line with infrastructure and network
Providing systems to facilitate service delivery
Maintenance of the physical environment of the server room environment - the temperature and accuracy of the traffic
Maintenance and management of network infrastructure
Maintenance, management, support and service of networks (Lan, Internet, e-mail, CCTV cameras, elastics network of IP phones and university websites, etc.)

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