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Tuesday 9 August 2022

Alli mohammad Ahadi

Associate Professor


Basic Science Faculty

Tel: 03832324401


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Research Interest
   Protein engineering(fusion proteins) and bioinformatics (structure and ducking):
   Multi Epitope Vaccines and Immunoinformatics:
   Cell Signaling and Pathways (plant and animal),: Study of biological pathway in the wound healing, obesity, infertility, metabolism and epilepsy.

Academic Resume
   Phd, , , ، Graduation Date: 622
   Master, , Tarbiat Modares University, Iran، Graduation Date: 622
   Bachelor, , University of Isfahan, Iran، Graduation Date: 622

International Journal
1. ديبا احمدي رستگار*مهدي شريفي تبار*مهدي عليخاني*پوريا پارسا متين*فاضل صحرانشين*مرجان صباغيان*محمد علي صديقي*علي محمد احدي*آناهيتا محسني ميبدي, Isoform Level Gene Expression Profile of Human Y Chromosome Azoospermia Factor Genes and their X Paralogues in the Testicular Tissue of Non-obstructive Azoospermia Patients ,
2. سيما جعفرپوربروجني*هدي آيت*علي محمد احدي, Design and Antigenic Epitopes Prediction of a New Trial Recombinant ,
3. شيوا رييسي دهکردي*علي محمد احدي, Studying mutation in GABRG۲ Gene involved in occurrence of grand Mal epilepsy among Iranian patients using PCR-SCCP/HA methodology ,
4. لادن معشوري*Hassan Yousefi*Amir Reza Aref*علي محمد احدي* Fatemeh Molaei*Suresh K. Alahari, Exosomes: composition, biogenesis, and mechanisms in cancer metastasis and drug resistance ,
5. طاهره بيدمشکي برزکي*علي محمد احدي*هدي آيت, A New Design and Epitopes Analysis for Recombinant Vaccine Against Salmonella typhi by In silico Analysis ,
6. سمانه عادليان*علي محمد احدي*هدي آيت*حسين تيموري, Enhanced recombinant C-terminal domain of gli۲ gene expression can improve wound healing through promoting cdc۲۵b and N-Myc genes expression ,
7. سمانه عادليان*علي محمد احدي*هدي آيت*حسين تيموري, Enhanced recombinant C-terminal domain of gli۲ gene expression can improve wound healing through promoting cdc۲۵b and N-Myc genes expression ,
8. ناهيد تاج الدين*علي محمد احدي*غلامرضا جوادي*هدي آيت, Investigation of Polymorphisms in the Upstream Sequence of LIF and LIFR Genes in the Women Affected by Infertility ,
9. زينب دهقان موروزه*هدي آيت*علي محمد احدي, Expression, Purification and Docking Studies on IMe-AGAP, the First Antitumor-analgesic Like Peptide from Iranian Scorpion Mesobuthus eupeus ,
10. فرزانه محمد زاده رستمي*بهرام نصر اصفهاني*علي محمد احدي*سامان شالي بيگ, A Review of Novel Coronavirus, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus ۲ (SARS-CoV-۲) ,
11. مريم اسدي*هدي آيت*علي محمد احدي*محمد شريف رنجبر, Genomic Structure of Two Kv۱.۳ Channel Blockers from Scorpion Mesobuthus eupeus and Sea Anemone Stichodactyla haddoni and Construction of their Chimeric Peptide as a Novel Blocker ,
12. ياسمن کلانتر معتمدي*فاطمه اژه ايان*فائزه صبوحي*ليلا بهمني*عليرضا شعرايي*Aditya Mukund Bhagwat*علي محمد احدي*آزيتا پروانه*محمد حسين نصر اصفهاني*آندرياس بندر, Transcriptional drug repositioning and cheminformatics approach for diferentiation therapy of leukaemia cells ,
13. پدرام معيري*غلامعلي کجوري*افشين جعفري*علي محمد احدي*مهسا ابوالفضلعلي زاده, The effects of selenium nanoparticles and sodium selenite on transcription rate of resistin gene in ewes placenta ,
14. فاطمه صميمي*علي محمد احدي*نفيسه برومندقهنويه*فرزانه محمد زاده رستمي, Study of Phenytoin Effect on the genes involved in glucose and lipid metabolism expression in liver: A mouse model study ,
15. شيوا شريعت زاده*رمضانعلي خاوري نژاد*علي محمد احدي*زهرا رضايتمند, TiO۲ nanoparticles effects on morphology and physiology of Artemisia absinthium L. under salinity stress ,
16. Ahangar M., Ahadi Am., Moradi F.,, Schizophrenia: Current and Perspectives ,
17. Pirppz P., Amouagaee R., Ahadi AM, Silicon and nitric oxide synergistically modulate the production of essential oil and rosmarinic acid in Salvia officinalis under Cu stress ,



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