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Thursday 24 September 2020

Majid Sharifi-Tehrani

Assistant Professor


Basic Science Faculty

Tel: 03832324419

sharifi-m [at] sci.sku.ac.ir - msht.ir [at] gmail.com

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Research Interest
   Biosystematics: Numerical taxonomy, Phylogenetics and Population Genetic structure and diversity
   Floristics: Biodiversity, Floristic studies in Central Zagros Region of Iran, Development of floristic and taxonomic Database
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Academic Resume
   Phd, , University of Isfahan, Iran، Graduation Date: 2008

International Journal
1. Sharifi-Tehrani, M., Mardi, M., Saeidi, H., Gharehyazi, B. & Assadi, M., Transferability of Genomic and EST-Microsatellites from Festuca arundinacea Schreb. to Lolium persicum Boiss. and Hohen. ex Boiss. , International Journal of Botany 4: 476-480, 2008
2. Sharifi-Tehrani, M., Mardi, M., Sahebi, J., Catalan, P. & Diaz-Perez, A., Genetic diversity and structure among Iranian tall fescue populations based on genomic-SSR and EST-SSR marker analysis , Plant Systematics and Evolution 282: 57-70, 2009
3. Orujei, Y., Shabani, L., Sharifi-Tehrani, M., Induction of glycyrrhizin and total phenolic compound production in licorice by using arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi , Russ. J. Plant Physiology 60 (5): 1-6, 2013
4. Jalalpour, Z., Shabani, L., Afghani, L., Sharifi-Tehrani, M., Amini, S.A., Stimulatory effect of methyl jasmonate and squalestatin on phenolic metabolism through induction of LOX activity in cell suspension culture of yew , Turkish Journal of Biology 38: 76-82, 2014
5. Amini A., Shabani L., Afghani L., Jalalpour, Z., Sharifi-Tehrani, M., Squalestatin-induced production of taxol and baccatin in cell suspension culture of yew (Taxus baccata L.) , Turkish Journal of Biology 38: 528-536, 2014
6. Diaz-Perez, A. J., Sharifi-Tehrani, M., Inda, L. A., Catalan, P., Polyphyly, gene-duplication and extensive allopolyploidy framed the evolution of the ephemeral Vulpia grasses and other fine-leaved Loliinae (Poaceae) , Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 79: 92-105, 2014
7. Mirzahosseini, Z., Shabani, L., Sabzalian, M.R., Sharifi-Tehrani, M., Neotyphodium endophytes may increase tolerance to Ni in tall fescue , European Journal of Soil Biology 63: 33-40., 2014
Research Journal
٨. Shirin Shakib, Majid Sharifi-Tehrani, Zahra Hasanabadi, Study of vascular plant species diversity in Bidouiyeh protected area in Bardsir, Kerman , Journal of Applied Biology
٩. Sharifi-Tehrani, Majid, A Review on the Analysis of Population Genetic Structure using Dominant Molecular Markers and Introducing the New Program STRUCTUREasy , Taxonomy and Biosystematics
10. Maryam Parvizi, Majid Sharifi-Tehrani, Azizollah Jafari, Plant Species Diversity in Jokhaneh Plain and Southern Slope of the Nil Mt. in Kohgilouyeh va Boyerahmad Province (Central Zagros Region of Iran) , Journal of Genetic Resources 2016;2(2):67-80
11. Masoumeh Jalali, Majid Sharifi-Tehrani, Hamze-Ali Shirmardi, Flora of Jahanbin Mountain Area- A Contribution to Flora of the Central Zagros Region of Iran , Journal of Genetic Resources Vol. 2, No. 1 (2016): 29-46
١٢. Roghayeh Dehghani, Majid Sharifi-Tehrani, Hamzeh Ali Shirmardi, Floristic study of Sheet Mountain in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province, Iran , Taxonomy and Biosystematics, 8th Year, No. 26, Spring 2016
13. Mahfouz Advay, Majid Sharifi-Tehrani1, Taxonomic Relationships of Ten Fritillaria Species of Subgenera Fritillaria and Theresia Based on Analysis of Flower Qualitative and Quantitative Morphological Characters , Journal of Genetic Resources Vol. 2, No. 1 (2016): 11-22
١٤. Majid Sharifi-Tehrani, Mahfouz Advay, Leila Shabani, Fritillaria (Liliaceae) in Iran- distribution and nomenclature , Taxonomy and Biosystematics, 7th Year, No. 22, Spring 2015
15. Majid Sharifi-Tehrani, Mahfouz Advay, Assessment of relationships between Iranian Fritillaria (Liliaceae) species using chloroplast trnH-psbA sequences and morphological characters , Journal of Genetic Resources Vol. 1, No. 2 (2015): 89-100
١٦. Soheila Raeisi Chehrazi, Majid Sharifi-Tehrani, Hojjatollah Saeidi, Relationships of Festuca-Lolium complex in Iran assessed using trnH-psbA sequences , Taxonomy and Biosystematics, 7th Year, No. 23, Summer 2015
١٧. Majid Sharifi-Tehrani, Introduction of the new program “CheckName” with applications in integration and increased precision and certitude of floristic inventories , Taxonomy and Biosystematic Journal. 20: 111-121
18. Soheila Raeisi Chehrazi, Hojatollah Saeidi, Majid Sharifi-Tehrani, Phenetic relationships among Lolium s.l. (Poaceae) in Iran based on flavonoids spot profiles and quantitative morphology , (2014) Taxonomy and Biosystematics, 21: 97-110
19. Sharifi-Tehrani, M., Ghasemi, N., Matricaria L. (Anthemideae, Asteraceae) in Iran: a chemotaxonomic study based on flavonoids , Taxonomy and Biosystematics 8: 25-34, 2011
20. Sharifi-Tehrani, M., Kazemi, A., Shabani, L., Phenetic relationships among natural population accessions of Glycyrrhiza glabra L. (Fabaceae) in central Zagros region of Iran, based on quantitative morphology, flavonoids, and glycyrrhizin contents data , Taxonomy and Biosystematics 13: 59-72, 2012
21. Sharifi-Tehrani, M., Rahiminejad, M.R., Compilation of floristic and herbarium specimens data in Iran: proposal to data structure , Taxonomy and Biosystematics 15: 75-94, 2013 (in Persian)
22. Orujei, Y., Shabani, L., Sharifi-Tehrani, M., Dual effects of two mycorrhizal fungi on production of glycyrrhizin, total phenolic and total flavonoids compounds in roots of Glycyrrhiza glabra L. , Iran Journal of Plant Biology 5(17): 75-88, 2013 (in Persian)
23. Mirzahosseini Z., Shabani, L., Sabzalian, M.R., Sharifi-Tehrani, M., Effect of Neotyphodium endophyte symbiosis on growth, Nickel uptake and photosynthetic pigments in two genotypes of tall fescue , Journal of Plant Process and Function 2(6): 37-50, 2014 (in Persian)



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