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Wendsday 10 August 2022

Rohollah Fattahi

Associate Professor

Irrigation Engineering

Faculty of Agriculture

Tel: 03832324401


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Research Interest

Academic Resume
   Phd, , , Hungary ، Graduation Date: 2002
   Master, , Isfahan University of Technology, Iran، Graduation Date: 1993
   Bachelor, , , Iran، Graduation Date: 1989

International Journal
1. M.Zamanian, R.Fatahi, S. Broomandnasab, S. Shamoamadi. K. Parvanak, Evaluation of emitters and water quality in trickle irrigation systems under Iranian conditions ,
2. A. Alineghadian, J. Moamadi, R. Fatahi, A. Maleki, Effect of Municipal Wastewater on the Soil Chemical and Physical Properties in Shahrekord of Iran ,
3. M.Zamanian, R.Fatahi, S. Broomandnasab, Field Performance Evaluation of Micro Irrigation systems in Iran ,
4. Z. Askari, H. Afzalimehr, W. Singh, R. Fatahi, Prediction of Flow Velocity Near Inclined Surfaces with Varying Roughness ,
5. S. Zebardast, A. Rahimi Khoob, R. Fatahi, E. Rahimi, Effect of triangular corrugated beds on the hydraulic jump characteristicsCosts Estimation of Sprinkler Irrigation Systems for Varying Lateral Pressure Loss in Agricultural Fields ,
6. H.Samadi, M.Ghazali, B. Ghorbani, R. Fatahi, Effect of triangular corrugated beds on the hydraulic jump characteristics ,
7. R.ZAmani, A. Akhoondali,A. Roozbehani R. Fatahi, P.Najafi,, Risk assessment of agricultural water requirement based on a multi-model ensemble framework, southwest of Iran ,
8. H.Tabatabaee, R. Fatahi, P.Najafi, Z. Nazem, M..Karizan, Comparison of traditional and modern deficit irrigation techniques in corn cultivation using treated municipal wastewater ,
9. A. Melki, K. Abdolahi, R. Fatahi, H.Abidollah, Groundwater recharge estimation under semi arid climate: Case of Northern Gafsa watershed, Tunisia ,
10. M. Mohamadi, H. Samadi, R. Fatahi, Investigating the Variation of Discharge in the Vertical Tubular Subsurface Basins Using Geotextile Filters for Controlling Suspended Fine Sediments ,



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