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Tuesday 31 January 2023

Sina Fallah



Faculty of Agriculture

Tel: 03832324401


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Research Interest
   Study of the effect of plant nutrition and environmental stresses on plant production:
   Improving fertilizer and water efficiency in cropping systems with emphasis on medicinal plants :

Academic Resume
   Phd, , Tarbiat Modares University, Iran، Graduation Date: 2006
   Master, , Isfahan University of Technology, Iran، Graduation Date: 2000
   Bachelor, , , Iran، Graduation Date: 2000

International Journal
1. Kamali andeani N, Fallah S, Peralta-Videa J, Golkar P , A comprehensive study of selenium and cerium oxide nanoparticles on mung bean: Individual and synergistic effect on photosynthesis pigments, antioxidants, and dry matter accumulation , Science of the Total Environment 2022, 830:154837-154851
2. Fallah S, Ganji Z, Pessarakli M., Growth and shelf life of basil in response to selenium fertilization , Journal of Plant Nutrition, 2022, 45:1-12
3. Yusefi Tanha E, Fallah S, Rostamnejadi A, Pokhrel L.R. , "Responses of soybean (Glycine max [L.] Merr.) to zinc oxide nanoparticles: Understanding changes in root system architecture, zinc tissue partitioning and soil characteristics , " Science of the Total Environment 2022, 835:155348-155348
4. Madadi E, Fallah S, Sadeghpour A, Barani-Beiranvand H , Exploring the use of chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla L.) bioactive compounds to control flixweed (Descurainia sophia L.) in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.): Implication for reducing chemical herbicide pollution , Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences 2022, 29:1-30
5. Yusefi-Tanha E, Fallah S, Rostamnejadi A, Pokhrel L, Zinc oxide nanoparticles (ZnONPs) as a novel nanofertilizer: Influence on seed yield and antioxidant defense system in soil grown soybean (Glycine max cv. Kowsar) , Science of the Total Environment. 2020; 738:140240-140253.
6. Yusefi-Tanha E, Fallah S, Rostamnejadi A, Pokhrel L, Root System Architecture, Copper Uptake and Tissue Distribution in Soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.) Grown in Copper Oxide Nanoparticle (CuONP)-Amended Soil and Implications for Human Nutrition , Plants. 2020; 9:1-24.
7. Salehi A, Fallah S, Abbasi surki A , Organic and inorganic fertilizer effect on soil CO2 flux, microbial biomass, and growth of Nigella sativa L , International agrophysics. 2017; 31:103-116
8. Ghasemi Siani N, Fallah S, Pockrel L, Rostamnejadi A, Natural amelioration of Zinc oxide nanoparticle toxicity in fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-gracum) by arbuscular mycorrhizal (Glomus intraradices) secretion of glomalin , Plant Physiology and Biochemistry. 2017; 112:227-238
9. Fallah S, Neisani S , Effects of Nitrogen Source on Nutritive Value of Irrigated Silage Corn , Notulae Scientia Biologicae. 2017; 9:116-123
10. Fallah S, Malekzadeh Havashki S, Pessarakli M , Seed priming improves seedling emergence and reduces oxidative stress in Nigella sativa under soil moisture stress , Journal Journal of Plant Nutrition. 2018; 41:29-40
11. Fallah S, Rostaei M, Lori Gooini Z, Abbasi surki A , Chemical compositions of essential oil and antioxidant activity of dragonhead (Dracocephalum moldavica) in sole crop and dragonheadsoybean (Glycine max) intercropping system under organic manure and chemical fertilizers , Industrial Crops & Products. 2018; 115:158-165
12. Salehi A, Mehdi B, Fallah S, Kaul H, Neugschwandtner R (2018), Productivity and nutrient use efficiency with integrated fertilization of buckwheat– fenugreek intercrops , Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems. 2018; 110:407-425
13. Yusefi-Tanha E, Fallah S, Pessarakli M, Effects of seed priming on growth and antioxidant components of hairy vetch (Vicia villosa) seedlings under chilling stress , Journal of Plant Nutrition. 2018; 80:1-12
14. Salehi A, Fallah S, Zitterl-Eglseer K, Kaul H, Antioxidants and bioactive compounds in buckwheat seeds from fenugreek/buckwheat intercrops as influenced by fertilization , Journal of Cereal Science. 2018; 12:1-12
Research Journal
١٥. مددي ا، فلاح س، صادقپور ا، باراني بيرانوند ح , تأثير دگرآسيبي بابونه بر تغييرات پارامترهاي فيزيولوژيکي و رشد خردل وحشي در مقايسه با گندم , مجله فرآيند و کارکرد گياهي فرايند و کارکرد گياهي 1401، 11:173-194
١٦. مددي ا، فلاح س، صادقپور ا، باراني بيرانوند ح , تأثير دگرآسيبي بابونه بر تغييرات پارامترهاي فيزيولوژيکي و رشد خردل وحشي در مقايسه با گندم , مجله فرآيند و کارکرد گياهي فرايند و کارکرد گياهي 1401، 11:173-194
١٧. شيباني ن، فلاح س، باراني بيرانوند ح، صالحي ع , اثر تغذيه گياه سويا با غلظت‌هاي مختلف ترکيبات روي بر جوانه ‎زني بذور توليد شده و رشد اوليه گياهچه , نشريه علوم و فناوري بذر ايران، 1401، 11:1-16
18. Garshasbi M, Rafieiolhossaini M, Fallah S, Jafari A, Rezazadeh, , Effects of Intercropping and Fertilizer Types on DM Yield and Medicinal Metabolites of Chicory and Fenugreek , Journal of Medicinal Plants and By-products 2022, 1:1-12



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