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Saturday 21 May 2022

shahla nemati

Assistant Professor

Computer Engineering

Faculty of Technology and Engineering

Tel: 038-32322255


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Research Interest
   Sentiment Analysis and Emotion Detection:
   Data Fusion:
   Signal Processing:

Academic Resume
   Phd, Computer Engineering, University of Isfahan, Iran، Graduation Date: 2016
   Master, Computer Engineering, Isfahan University of Technology, Iran، Graduation Date: 2007
   Bachelor, Computer Engineering, Shiraz University, Iran، Graduation Date: 2004

International Journal
1. ME Basiri, S Nemati, M Abdar, S Asadi, UR Acharrya, A novel fusion-based deep learning model for sentiment analysis of COVID-19 tweets , Knowledge-Based Systems 228, 107242
2. ME Basiri, S Nemati, M Abdar, E Cambria, UR Acharrya, ABCDM: An Attention-based Bidirectional CNN-RNN Deep Model for sentiment analysis , Future Generation Computer Systems (2020)
3. M Abdar, ME Basiri, J Yin, M Habibnezhad, G Chi, S Nemati, S Asadi, Energy choices in Alaska: Mining people's perception and attitudes from geotagged tweets , Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 124, 109781 (2020)
4. 2. ME Basiri, M Abdar, MA Cifci, S Nemati, UR Acharya , A novel method for sentiment classification of drug reviews using fusion of deep and machine learning techniques , Knowledge-Based Systems, 105949 (2020)
5. ME Basiri, M Abdar, A Kabiri, S Nemati, X Zhou, F Allahbakhshi, NY Yen , Improving sentiment polarity detection through target identification , EEE Transactions on Computational Social Systems 7 (1), 113-128 (2019)
6. 3. S Nemati, R Rohani, ME Basiri, M Abdar, NY Yen, V Makarenkov, A Hybrid Latent Space Data Fusion Method for Multimodal Emotion Recognition , IEEE Access 7, 172948-172964 (2019)
7. S Nemati, ME Basiri, N Ghasem-Aghaee, MH Aghdam, A novel ACO–GA hybrid algorithm for feature selection in protein function prediction , Expert Systems with Applications (ESWA),vol. 36, pp. 12086–12094, (2009).
8. S Nemati, AR Naghsh-Nilchi, An evidential data fusion method for affective music video retrieval , Intelligent Data Analysis (IDA) Journal, Accepted to present in Volume 21(2) March (2017).
9. S Nemati, AR Naghsh-Nilchi, Incorporating social media comments in affective video retrieval , Journal of information Science (JIS), August 12, 2015, doi: 0165551515593689, (2015)
10. S Nemati, ME Basiri, Text-independent speaker verification using ant colony optimization-based selected features , Expert Systems with Applications (ESWA),vol. 38, pp. 620–630, (2011)
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International Conference
12. M Rajabi, ME Basiri, S Nemati, Identifying High-Quality User Replies Using Deep Neural Networks , 2021 7th International Conference on Web Research (ICWR), 97-102
13. AN Karimvand, RS Chegeni, ME Basiri, S Nemati, Sentiment Analysis of Persian Instagram Post: a Multimodal Deep Learning Approach , 2021 7th International Conference on Web Research (ICWR), 137-141
14. ME Basiri, RS Chegeni, AN Karimvand, S Nemati, Bidirectional LSTM Deep Model for Online Doctor Reviews Polarity Detection , 2020 6th International Conference on Web Research (ICWR), 100-105
15. Shahla Nemati, OWA Operators for the Fusion of Social Networks’ Comments with Audio-Visual Content , 2019 5th International Conference on Web Research (ICWR)
16. Shahla Nemati, Canonical Correlation Analysis for Data Fusion in Multimodal Emotion Recognition , 2018 9th International Symposium on Telecommunications (IST), 676-681
17. ME Basiri, S Nemati, N Ghasem-Aghaee, Protein Function Prediction Using ACO And Bayesian Networks , in Proc. The 3rd International Conference on Bioinspired Optimization Methods and their Applications (BIOMA 2008), Ljubljana, Slovenia, October 13–14, 2008, pp. 147–156.
18. ME Basiri, S Nemati, A novel hybrid ACO-GA algorithm for text feature selection , in Proc. IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation (IEEE CEC'09), Norway, May 18–21, 2009, pp. 2561–2568.
19. S Nemati, ME Basiri, Particle swarm optimization for feature selection in speaker verification , in Proc. 8th European Conf. on Evolutionary Computation,(EvoApplications 2010), Istanbul, Turkey, April 7–9, 2010 and in C. Di. Chio et al. (Eds.):, LNCS 6024, 2010, pp. 371–380.
20. S Nemati, ME Basiri, HIERARCHICAL CLASSIFICATION OF BIOLOGICAL DATA USING ANT COLONY OPTIMIZATION , in Proc. The 4th International Conference on Bioinspired Optimization Methods and their Applications (BIOMA 2010), Ljubljana, Slovenia, May 20–21, 2010, pp. 147–156.
21. S Nemati, AR Naghsh-Nilchi, Exploiting Evidential Theory in the Fusion of Textual, Audio and Visual Modalities for Music Video Retrieval , 3rd International Conference, on Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis, Shahrekord, Iran, 2017, Best Paper award.



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