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Sunday 16 May 2021

Ahmadreza Momeni

Assistant Professor


Basic Science Faculty

Tel: 03832324401


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Research Interest
   synthesis, organic synthesis, catalyst, Heterogeneous catalysis, Nano-catalysis, Heterocyclic chemistry:

Academic Resume
   Phd, , University of Isfahan, Iran، Graduation Date: 2000

International Journal
1. Sakineh Khaledi · Mahboobe Rajabi · Ahmad Reza Momeni* · Heshmat Allah Samimi · Jalal Albadi, Preparation and characterization of Ca‑modifed Co/ Al2O3 and its catalytic application in the one‑pot synthesis of 4H‑pyrans ,
2. Jalal Albadi, Heshmat Allah Samimi, Ahmad Reza Momeni, Alumina-Supported Cobalt Nanoparticles Efficiently Catalyzed the Synthesis of Chromene Derivatives under Solvent-Free Condition ,
3. Mahboobeh Rajabi· Jalal Albadi · Ahmadreza Momeni, Click synthesis of 1,4‑disubstituted‑1,2,3‑triazoles catalyzed by melamine‑supported CuO nanoparticles as an efcient recyclable catalyst in water ,
4. Samira Karami · Ahmad Reza Momeni · Jalal Albadi, Preparation and application of triphenyl(propyl‑3‑hydrogen sulfate)phosphonium bromide as new efcient ionic liquid catalyst for synthesis of 5‑arylidene barbituric acids and pyrano[2,3‑d]pyrimidine derivatives ,
5. Fatemeh Ghadirian, Ahmad Reza Momeni, Jalal Albadi, Catalytic application of a novel nano-catalyst of CuO/MnO2 for the synthesis of propargylamine derivatives ,
6. Zohreh Sotoudehnia | Jalal Albadi | Ahmad Reza Momeni, Solvent‐free synthesis of propargylamines catalyzed by an efficient recyclable ZnO‐supported CuO/Al2O3 nanocatalyst ,
7. Ahmad Reza Momeni*, Sadegh Bakhtiar, Ecofriendly synthesis of biscoumarin derivatives catalyzed by EDTA-modified magnetic animal bone meal nanoparticles in water ,
8. Jalal Albadi, Mehdi Jalali, Ahmad Reza Momeni, Cobalt?based nanocatalyst catalyzed one?pot four?component synthesis ۲H?indazolo[۲,۱?b] phthalazine?triones under solvent?free condition , Research on chemical intermediates, 2018, 44, 2395
9. Ahmad Reza Momeni, Jalal Albadi, Sadegh Bakhtiar, Ecofriendly Synthesis of Biscoumarin Derivatives Catalyzed by Thiourea Dioxide -Modified Magnetic Animal Bone Meal Nanoparticles as Catalyst in Water , Jordan Journal of Chemistry,2018, 13, 123
10. Ahmad Reza Momeni*, Heshmat Allah Samimi, Hamed Vaezzadeh, Eutectic Mixture Choline Chloride–Chloroacetic acid: a New and Efficient Catalyst for Synthesis of ۳,۴-Dihydropyrimidin-۲-ones , Chemical Methodologies 4(2018) 253-261
11. Jalal Albadi, Ahmad Reza Momeni, Azam Mansurzadeh, Suzuki-Miyaura Cross-Coupling Reactions over Gold Nanoparticles Supported on CuO-ZnO Metal Oxide in Aqueous Medium , Jordan journal of chemistry, 2017, 12, 233
12. Heshmat A. Samimi · Ahmad R. Momeni, Aminopyridinium Iodide as a NH Transferring Agent for the Synthesis of ۲-Aroyl-۳-Aryl Aziridines , J IRAN CHEM SOC (2015) 12:2221–2225
13. Ahmad Reza Mom, somayeh Bagheri, synthesis of ۲- substituted of benzimidazoles using P۲O۵-SiO۲ , Iranian Journal of Catalysis 2(1), 2012, 31-35
14. Heshmat A. Samimi • Zahra Shams • Ahmad R. Momeni, Deamination of cis and trans -aziridines using diethyl thiourea and iodine , J IRAN CHEM SOC (2012) 9:705–708
15. Ahmad Reza Momeni, Heshmat Allah Samimi, Reyhaneh Jahanian, Urea-hydrogen peroxide/silica phosphoric acid-catalyzed oxidation-condensation Tandem reaction: One-pot synthesis of ۲-substituted benzimidazoles from alcohols , Iranian Journal of Catalysis 2(3), 2012, 141-145
16. Ahmad Reza MOMENI, Motahareh HADIZADEH, Marym SADEGHI, A simple and efficient one-pot multicomponent synthesis of ?-acetamido carbonyl compounds with Zn(HSO۴)۲ and Co(HSO۴)۲ as catalysts , Turk J Chem 33 (2009) , 1 – 8.
17. A.R. Massah, M. Dabagh, S. Shahidi, H. Javaherian Naghash, A.R. Momeni and H. Aliyan, P۲O۵/SiO۲ as an efficient and recyclable catalyst for N-Acylation of sulfonamides under heterogeneous and solvent-free conditions , J. Iran. Chem. Soc., Vol. 6, No. 2, June 2009, pp. 405-411
18. Hamid Aliyan, Razieh Fazaeli, Hamid Javaherian Naghash, Ahmad Reza Massah, Ahmad Reza Momeni, and Zohreh Iravani, Bulk and supported tungstophosphoric acid as friendly, efficient, recyclable catalysts for the synthesis of bis-indolylmethanes under solvent-free conditions , Heteroatom Chemistry Volume 20, Number 6, 2009
19. Ahmad Reza Momeni ,, Maryam Sadeghi , Zr(HSO۴)۴ and Mg(HSO۴)۲ as mild and efficient catalysts for the one-pot multicomponent synthesis of ?-acetamido carbonyl compounds , Applied Catalysis A: General 357 (2009) 100–105
20. Ahmad Reza Massah, Ahmad Reza Momeni, Mina Dabagh, Hamid Aliyan, and Hamid Javaherian Naghash, Facile Synthesis ofN?Acylsulfonamide in the Presence of Silica Chloride (SiO۲?Cl) both under Heterogeneous and Solvent?Free Conditions , Synthetic Communicationsw, 38: 265–273, 2007
21. Hamid Javaherian Naghash, Sanaz Abbasi Dineh Kabudi, Ahmad Reza Momeni, Ahmad Reza Massah, Hamid Aliyan, Free-radical cross-linking copolymerization of methyl methacrylate and ethylene glycol dimethacrylate in the presence of trimethoxyvinylsilane , Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids 69 (2008) 992–999
22. Ahmad R. Massah, Davood Azadi, Hamid Aliyan, Ahmad R. Momeni, Hamid Javaherian Naghash, and Foad Kazemi, An Efficient Method for the Synthesis of N-Acylsulfonamides: One-pot Sulfonylation and Acylation of Primary Arylamines under Solvent-Free Conditions , Monatsh Chem 139, 233–240 (2008) DOI 10.1007/s00706-007-0783-2
23. Ahmad Reza MASSAH, Mina DABAGH, Maryam AFSHAR, Ahmad Reza MOMENI, Hamid ALIYAN, Hamid Javaherian NAGHASH, A Convenient and Efficient Synthesis of N-Acylsulfonamides in the Presence of Silica Phosphoric Acid under Heterogeneous and Solvent-Free Conditions , Turk J Chem 31 (2007) , 611 – 616.
24. Hamid Javaherian NAGHASH∗, Akram KARIMZADEH, Ahmad Reza MOMENI, Ahmad Reza MASSAH and Hamid ALIAN, Preparation and Properties of Triethoxyvinylsilane-Modified Styrene - Butyl Acrylate Emulsion Copolymers , Turk J Chem 31 (2007) , 257 – 269.
25. Ahmad R. Massah, Masumeh Mosharafian, Ahamad R. Momeni, Hamid Aliyan, and H. Javaherian Naghash, Solvent?Free Williamson Synthesis: An Efficient, Simple, and Convenient Method for Chemoselective Etherification of Phenols and Bisphenols , Synthetic Communicationsw, 37: 1807–1815, 2007
26. Ahmad R. Momeni, Hamid Aliyan, Heidar Mombeini, Ahmad R. Massah, and Hamid J. Naghash, Aromatization of Hantzsch ۱,۴-Dihydropyridines with Urea-Hydrogen Peroxide/Maleic Anhydride , Zeitschrift für Naturforschung B, 2006, 61 331
27. Ahmad R. Massah Foad Kazemib, Davood Azadia, Shakiba Farzaneha, Hamid Aliyana, Hamid Javaherian Naghasha and Ahmad. R. Momenia, A Mild and Chemoselective Solvent-Free Method for the Synthesis of N-Aryl and N-Alkylsulfonamides , Letters in Organic Chemistry, 2006, 3, 103-106
28. Ahmad Reza Momeni, * Tayebeh Sameh, Hosein Golmohammadi, Hamid Javaherian Naghash, Hamid Aliyan, Ahmad Reza Massah, and Shirin Solati, An Efficient Oxidation of ۱,۴-Dihydropyridines to Pyridines Using Silver Carbonate on Silica Gel and Celite , Bull. Korean Chem. Soc. 2006, Vol. 27, No. 3
29. Masoud Nasr-Esfahani,Majid Moghadam,Shahram Tangestaninejad, Valiollah Mirkhani and Ahmad Reza Momeni, Rapid and efficient oxidation of Hantzsch ۱,۴-dihydropyridines with sodium periodate catalyzed by manganese (III) Schiff base complexes , Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry 14 (2006) 2720–2724



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