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Monday 15 July 2024

Iraj Karimi

Associate Professor


Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Tel: 03832324427

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Research Interest

Academic Resume
   Phd, , , Iran، Graduation Date: 1999

Research Journal
١. MohammadpourAA, Karimi I,. Bandari S, , Comparative histomorphological study of adrenal gland in different age of sheep and goat . ,
2. Nourani H, Karimi I, Rajabi H,, Synophthalmia in a Holstein cross calf. ,
3. Bigham Sadegh A, Arabi M, Karimi e, Karimi I, Oryan A,, Tendon injury healing with G90 in a rabbit model: biomechanical and histopathological evaluation. , VETERINARSKI ARHIV: (2016) 86, 407-420.
4. Habibian S, Bigham Sadegh A, , Karimi I, Balali S, Fattahi M, Amini H,, Radiological and histological comparison between nano-bioglass and commercial bioglass in bone healing in a rabbit model. , comparative clinical pathology, (2016) 25, 37-41.
5. . Khedri M, Mahzounieh MR, Karimi, Effect of Freezing of Lung Tissue and Lung Fluid Samples on the , Global Veterinaria, (2015)15, 564-569.
6. Sharifi S, Ghadiri S, Karimi I, Tabatabaei A, , Effects of isoflurane anesthesia in unilateral nephrectomized dog: Histopathological and biochemical findings. , Indian Journal of Fundamental and Applied Life Sciences,(2015) 5, 265-275.
7. Bigham Sadegh A, Karimi I, Ghasemi S, Mirshokraei P, Nazari H, Oryan A,, Tendon injury healing with allogenic fibroblast and static magnetic field in rabbit model. , Iranian Journal of Veterinary Surgery: (2015) 10, 11-19.
8. Habibian S, Karimi I, Moshtaghian J,, Protective effects of ampiciline on the gentamicine-induced nephrotoxicity in rat, , (2011) 24:3312-3315.
9. Karimi I, Bigham Sadegh A, Oryan A, Rahmani Z, Comparison between the Effects of Autologous and Zenologous Platelet rich plasma Iranian , Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery,, (2015)13, 121-128
10. Karimi I, Bigham Sadegh A, Oryan A, Rahmani Z, , Comparison between the Effects of Autologous and Zenologous Platelet rich plasma , Iranian Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery,(2015) 13, 121-128
١١. MohammadpourAA,, Karimi I,. Bandari S, , Comparative histomorphological study of adrenal gland in different age of sheep and goat . , Veterinary Journal (Pajouhesh & Sazandegi),(1392): 98: 9-15
12. Khedri M, Karimi I, Mahzounieh MR,, Evaluation of PCR for Jaagsiekte Sheep Retrovirus Detection from Iranian Sheep Flocks. , Global Veterinaria (2013): 10 (1): 84-89
13. Karimi I, Bigham-Sadegh A, Oryan A, Dowlat abadi M,, Concurrent use of greater omentum with persian gulf coral on bone healing in dog: a radiological and histopathological study , Iranian Journal of Veterinary Surgery (2013): ,8(2):19
14. Bigham-Sadegh A, Karimi I, Oryan A, Mahmoudi E, Shafiei-Sarvestani Z, Spinal fusion with demineralized calf fetal growth plate as novel biomaterial in rat model: a preliminary study, , International Journal of Spine Surgery,, (2014): 8
١٥. Mohamadnia, A. R., Karimi,I., Badiei, A., , History and current status of equine hoof trimming and sheing in Shahrekord district. , Journal of Sharekord veterinary faculty,(2007) 1: 15-20.
16. Karimi,I., Mahzounieh,M., Bahadoran,S. & Farhan Azad , Chicken anemia irus infection in broiler chickens in Shahrekord, Iran: serological, hematological, and histopathological findings. , Comparative Clinical Pathology.(2010)
١٧. Mokhtarian, K. , Khalili B., Karimi I., Yazdanparas M., Kasiri K., Torshizi R., Taktaz,T., The prevalence of sarcocystis infection in slaughtered animals in slaughterhouse of Shahrekord using histhopathological method , Shahrekord Univ Med Sci (2010)
١٨. Hakimi alni, R., Moshtaghi, H., karimi, I., Ebrahimi, A. , An Experimental Study on Pathogenicity of Listeria ivanovii in Mice, , Journal of Veterinary Microbiology,( 2012) 8, ( 2).
١٩. Soroori, S., Hosseini, F., Zamani-Moghaddam, A., Hosseininejad, M., Karimi, I., Masoudifard, M., and Dehghan, M. M, Assessment of avian osteoporosis by a quantitative radiographic method. , Iranian Journal of Veterinary Research,.(2012) 13( 4), 31 7.
20. Bigham SA. Mirshokraei,P., Karimi,I., Oryan, A., Aparviz, A., Shafiei, ZS,, effects of adipose tissue stem cell concurrent with greater omentum on experimental long bone healing in dog. , Connective tissue research, (2012) 53 (4): 334-342.
21. , Bigham SA., Karimi,I., Oryan, A., Shafiei, Z. Alebouye, M., (2013) Evaluation of bone healing in canine tibial defects filled with cortical autograft, commercial DBM, calf fetal DBM, omentum and omentum calf fetal DBM. Journal of veterinary science. ,
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43. , Pourjafar, M., Karimi, I., Saraeian,E., Shakhsniyaee,M. and Badiei,Kh.(2007): The effect of concurrent of fresh garlic or garlic tablet with lead acetate on lead (pb) burden in serum and some body tissues of dog. Journal of Iran University of Medical ,
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National Conference
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٥٤. , Ghasemi Pirbalouti,A, Yousefi. M, Nazari.H., Karimi,I. and Koohpayeh,A. (2009): Evaluation of Burn Healing Properties of Arnebia euchroma and Malva sylvestris.Electronic Journal of Biology. ,
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٦١. , Jafari,A., Karimi,I. and Khosravi,M. (2009): A comparison of ELISA and histopathology for the detection of paratuberculosis in dairy cattle. Comparative Clinical Pathology. ,



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