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Thursday 30 March 2023

Mohsen Bahmani

Associate Professor


Faculty of Natural Resources and Geosciences

Tel: 03832324401


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Research Interest

Academic Resume
   Phd, , , Germany، Graduation Date: 2014
   Master, , University of Tehran, Iran، Graduation Date: 2008
   Bachelor, , , Iran، Graduation Date: 2001

International Journal
1. Chu D, Yao T, Zhou L, يان H, Yo M, Liu Y, Bahmani M, Lu C, Ding Z, Liu S (2021), Genetic variation analysis and comprehensive evaluation of wood property traits of 20-year-old Chinese fir clone , European Journal of Forest Research 140:1-11
2. Dahmardeh Ghalehno M, Nosrati Sheshkal B, Kool F, Humar M, Bahmani M (2021) , Characterization of anatomical, morphological, physical and chemical properties of Konar (Ziziphus spina-christi) wood , Wood Research 66:912-920
3. Chu D, Hasanagic R, Hodzic A, Krxisnik D, Hodzic D, Bahmani M, Petric M, Humar M (2022), Application of Temperature and Process Duration as a Method for Predicting the Mechanical Properties of Thermally Modified Timber , Forests 13:1-13
4. Rahimi S, Singh K, DeVallance D, Chu D, Bahmani M (2022, Drying Behavior of Hardwood Components (Sapwood, Heartwood, and Bark) of Red Oak and Yellow-Poplar , Forests 13:1-15
5. Fathi L, Hasanagi? R, Iranmanesh Y, Dahmardeh Ghalehno M, Humar M, Bahmani M (2022), Physical and Chemical Properties of Three Wild Almond Wood Species Grown in Zagros Forests , Les/Wood 71:23-30
6. Dong H, Dahmardeh Ghalehno M, Fathi L, Ghehsareh Ardestani E, Humar M, Bahmani M (2022) , Comprehensive Evaluation of Hawthorn Wood Characteristics in Relation to Soil Physicochemical Properties , Wood Research 67:383-392
7. Dong H, Dahmardeh Ghalehno M, Bahmani M, Ghehsareh Ardestani E, Fathi L, Influence of soil physicochemical properties on biometrical and physical features of Persian oak wood , Maderas-Ciencia y Tecnologia 25:1-10



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