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Wendsday 10 August 2022

Hoda Ayat

Assistant Professor


Basic Science Faculty

Tel: 03834424401-2244


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Research Interest
   Production of recombinant toxin from iranian toxic animals:
   Production of recombinant Antibodies:

Academic Resume

International Journal
1. ناهید تاج الدین، علی محمد احدی، غلامرضا جوادی، هدا آیت, Investigation of Polymorphisms in the Upstream Sequence of LIF and LIFR Genes in the Women Affected by Infertility ,
2. ویدا ذوالفقاری ، هدا آیت، علی محمد احدی, جداسازي و بررسي يک سم جديد NaScTxa از عقرب مزوبوتوس اوپئوس ايراني , چهاردهمين همايش بين المللي بيوتکنولوژي جموري اسلامي ايران
3. Maryam Asadi, Hoda Ayat, Ali Mohammad Ahadi & Mohammad Sharif Ranjbar , Genomic Structure of Two Kv1.3 Channel Blockers from Scorpion Mesobuthus eupeus and Sea Anemone Stichodactyla haddoni and Construction of their Chimeric Peptide as a Novel Blocker ,
4. Fatemi, Sanati, Ayat, Esmaili, Effect of tertiary-butyl hydroperoxide (TBHP)-induced oxidative stress on mice sperm quality and testis histopathology ,
5. Sima Jafarpour, Hoda Ayat, Ali Mohammad Ahadi, Design and Antigenic Epitopes Prediction of a New Trial Recombinant Multiepitopic Rotaviral Vaccine: In Silico Analyses ,
6. Nahid Tajeddin,Ali Mohammad Ahadi*, Gholamreza Javadi,Hoda Ayat, Investigation of Polymorphisms in the Upstream Sequence of LIF and LIFR Genes in the Women Affected by Infertility ,
7. Farzaneh Mohammadi Farsani, Hoda Ayat, Ali Mohammad Ahadi, Molecular Modeling and Docking Studies on the First Chlorotoxin-Like ,
8. Elham Asadi Farsani, Hoda Ayat, Study of IGF-۱ an d OCT۴genes expression in the early stages of embryonic development by Multiplex RT-PCR ,
9. Tahereh Bidmeshki, Ali Mohammad AhadiT Hoda Ayat, A New Design and Epitopes Analysis for Recombinant Vaccine Against Salmonella typhi by In silico Analysis ,
10. Amir shams, Hoda Ayta, Ali Mohammad Ahadi, Study of the optimizing karyotype by applying AC voltage ,
11. Samaneh Adeliana, Ali Mohammad Ahadib, Hoda Ayat, Teimuri, Enhanced recombinant C-terminal domain of gli۲ gene expression can improve wound healing through promoting cdc۲۵b and N-Myc genes expression ,
12. Zeinab Dehghan, Hoda Ayat*, Ali Mohammad Ahadi, Expression, Purification and Docking Studies on IMe-AGAP, the First Antitumor-analgesic Like Peptide from Iranian Scorpion Mesobuthus eupeus ,
Research Journal
١٣. لیلا رضایی، هدا آیت، علی محمد احدی, طراحی و ساخت وکتور بیانی pET32b+Rh براساس سیستم pET جهت تسهیل پروسه تخلیص پروتئین نوترکیب ,
14. Tajedin, Ahafi, Javadi,Ayat, Evaluation of c-Myc gene expression as a preventive marker for increasing the implantation success in the infertile women۲ ,
15. Montazeri,Ahadi, Naiery, Ayat, Synthesis and cloning of the gene encoding VP۴-VP۶ fusion protein belong to rotavirus ,
16. Khatami, Ahadi,Ayat, Study of Relationship between Polymorphism in Estrogen Response Element (ERE) in Promoter Region of C۳ Gene and Spontaneous Recurrent Abortion ,



Number Student Name Title Defence Date
1. Omid Darvishi Amplification, cloning and expression of bovine enteropeptidase شنبه ١ شهريور ١٣٩٣
2. Amin Kazeruni Identification, amplification and cloning of gene encoding anti Na 1.5 channel toxin from Scorpion and tarantula شنبه ١ شهريور ١٣٩٣
3. Mohadese Saadat cDNA library construction from telson cells of Iranian scorpion شنبه ١ شهريور ١٣٩٣
4. Maryam Shahbazi Functional study of MeICT, the chlorotoxin-like peptide from Mesobuthus eupeus scorpion venom on cancer cells شنبه ١ شهريور ١٣٩٣
5. Razie Seifi Sub-Cloning &Experation procaryotice peptid MeI AGAP& شنبه ١ شهريور ١٣٩٣
6. Leila Rezaii Design and construction of new vector based on pET system and cloning of chlorotoxin-like-Melitin gene چهارشنبه ١ شهريور ١٣٩٦
7. Fateme Kheiry Biopanning of phage display camel antibody library against live breast cancer cells for isolation of its nonobodies and Construction of camel diabody library جمعه ١ فروردين ١
8. Arezo farokhi Cloning of a recombinant fusion gene containing an insecticidal toxin and anti-plasmodium toxin against Malaria جمعه ١ فروردين ١
9. Zahra Hasanpour Construction and characterization of phage display camel antibody library جمعه ١ فروردين ١
10. Amir Shams Making Genetic Diagnosis Software and optimizing Karyotype and Banding techniques جمعه ١ فروردين ١
11. Asiye Momeni Bidezard Isolation, cloning, expression and purification of some toxins affecting the channels involved in the treatment of pain from cone snails سه شنبه ١ بهمن ١٣٩٨

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