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Friday 24 May 2024

Reza Rohani

Assistant Professor

Computer Engineering

Faculty of Technology and Engineering

Tel: 03832324401


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Research Interest
   Artificial intelligence:
   Machine Vision:
   Signal Processing:
   Data Fusion:

Academic Resume
   Phd, Computer Engineering, Shiraz University, Iran، Graduation Date: 2016
   Master, Computer Engineering, Shiraz University, Iran، Graduation Date: 2009
   Bachelor, , , Iran، Graduation Date: 2006

International Journal
1. SHAHLA NEMATI, REZA ROHANI, Mohammad Ehsan Basiri, MOLOUD ABDAR, NEIL Y. YEN, VLADIMIR MAKARENKOV, A Hybrid Latent Space Data Fusion Method for Multimodal Emotion Recognition ,
2. Reza Rohani SarvestaniReza Boostani, FF-SKPCCA: Kernel probabilistic canonical correlation analysis ,
3. R. Rohani, F. Sobhanmanesh, S. Alizadeh, and R. Boostani, Lip Processing and Modeling based on Spatial Fuzzy Clustering in Color Images ,
4. M. Roopaei , R. Boostani, R. Rohani Sarvestani , M.A. Taghavi , Zohreh Azimifar , Chaotic based reconstructed phase space features for detecting ventricular fibrillation ,
5. R. Rohani Sarvestani, R. Boostani, M. Roopaei, VT and VF classification using trajectory analysis ,
International Conference
6. , A new Augmented reality approach based on textual information ,
7. S Ghasempour, F Sobhanmanesh A. Kazemi, R. Rohani, A Noise Robust Dynamic Bayesian Network Model for Speech Recognition ,
8. R. Rohani, S. Alizadeh, F. Sobhanmanesh, R. Boostani, Lip segmentation in color images ,
National Conference
٩. , تلفيق اطلاعات صوتي و تصويري به کمک روش هاي با ناظر در سامانه هاي بازشناسي احساسات ,



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