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Friday 24 May 2024

Samad Taghipour


Electrical-Power Engineering

Faculty of Technology and Engineering

Tel: 2161-03832324401


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Research Interest
   Design Optimization of Electric Machines: Modeling, design and optimization of electric machines
   Power system dynamics: Stability and control of power systems
   Modern Electric Machines:

Academic Resume
   Bachelor, Electrical Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic), Iran، Graduation Date: 2003
   Master, Electrical Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic), Iran، Graduation Date: 2005
   Phd, Electrical Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic), Iran، Graduation Date: 2010
   Research Period, Electrical Engineering, , Italy ، Graduation Date: 2009
   Research Period, Electrical Engineering, , France ، Graduation Date: 2019

International Journal
1. S Taghipour Boroujeni, SP Emami, N Takorabet, A Mahmoudi, Torque ripple minimization in Consequent-Pole PM Machines using harmonic current injection , 10.24200/SCI.2022.60312.6725
2. SP Emami, S Taghipour Boroujeni, N Takorabet, Fast Prediction of Unbalanced Magnetic Pull in PM Machines , Electrical Engineering 103 (6), 2595-2602
3. Mohammadreza Mostafavi Ghahfarokhi, Vahid Zamani Faradonbeh, Ebrahim Amiri, Seyyed Morteza Mousavi Bafrouei, Aliakbar Damaki Aliabad, Samad Taghipour Boroujeni, Computationally efficient analytical model of interior permanent magnet machines considering stator slotting effects , IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, Volume: 58, Issue: 4, July-Aug. 2022, 4587 - 4601
4. S. Taghipour Boroujeni, Complex vector modeling of a doubly fed cascaded cage rotor induction machine , Electrical Engineering 102 (3), 1831-1842
5. V. Z. Faradonbeh, A. Rahideh, M. Mardaneh, S. Taghipour Boroujeni, Analytical Modeling of Flux-Reversal Permanent-Magnet Machines , IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion 36 (2), 1121-1130
6. ST Boroujeni, N Takorabet, S Mezani, T Lubin, P Haghgooie, Using and enhancing the cogging torque of PM machines in valve positioning applications , IET Electric Power Applications 14 (12), 2516-2524
7. S Taghipour Boroujeni, SP Emami, N Takorabet, A Mahmoudi, Analytical investigation of the armature current influence on the torque and radial force in eccentric consequent‐pole PM machines , IET Electric Power Applications, vol.15, no.4, 2021, pp. 441-452
8. A Khalili, ST Boroujeni, N Takorabet, A Rabiee, Dynamic Simulation of Unbalanced Magnetic Force in Doubly-Fed Induction Machine with Inter-turn Short-Circuited Stator , Iranian Journal of Science and Technology, Transactions of Electrical Engineering, vol. 45, 2021, pp. 701–709
9. H. Adeli, A. Rabiee, S. Taghipour Boroujeni, Optimal re-dispatch of generating units ensuring small signal stability , IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution, Vol. 14, no. 18, Sep. 2020, pp. 3692 – 3701
10. V. Zamani Faradonbeh, S. Taghipour Boroujeni, N. Takorabet, Optimum arrangement of PMs in surface-mounted PM machines: cogging torque and flux density harmonics , Electrical Engineering, Vol. 102, no.3, Sep.2020, p1117–1127
11. M. M. Ghahfarokhi, A. D. Aliabad, S. T. Boroujeni, E. Amiri, V. Z. Faradonbeh, Analytical modelling and optimisation of line start LSPM synchronous motors , IET Electric Power Applications, vol. 14, no. 3, 2020, pp.398-408
12. A. A. Eshkaftaki, A. Rabiee, A. Kargar, S. T. Boroujeni, An Applicable Method to Improve Transient and Dynamic Performance of Power System Equipped With DFIG-Based Wind Turbines , IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, vol. 35, no 3, 2019, pp.2351-2361
13. K. Sheibani, S. T. Boroujeni, G. A. Markadeh, Development of a Schwarz–Christoffel-based model for the PM Vernier machines , Electrical Engineering vol. 102, pages 237–244, 2020
14. 1. M. M. Ghahfarokhi, E. Amiri, S. T. Boroujeni, A. D. Aliabad , On-Load Analytical Modeling of Slotted Interior Magnet Synchronous Machines Using Magnetic Islands Method , IEEE Access, vol. 8, 95360-95367.
15. S. Taghipour*, P. Emami and P. Jalai,, Analytical Modeling of Brushless Eccentric PM-inset machines with a Slotless Armature , EEE Transactions on Energy Conversion 34 (3), 1466-1474
16. P. Jalali, S. Taghipour Boroujeni, and J. Khoshtarash, Expansion of the feasible slot/pole combinations in the fractional slot PM machines by applying three-slot pitch coils , IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion,
17. Samad Taghipour Boroujeni ; Pezhman Jalali ; Nicola Bianchi, Analytical modeling of no-load eccentric slotted surface mounted PM machines: cogging torque and radial force ,
18. Pezhman Jalali ; Samad Taghipour Boroujeni ; Nicola Bianchi, Analytical Modeling of Slotless Eccentric Surface-Mounted PM Machines Using a Conformal Transformation , Vo.32, Issue 2, June 2017, pp. 658-666
19. S. Taghipour, H. Bagheri, Analytical modelling and prototyping a slotless surface-inset PM machine , IET Electric Power Applications, Volume 11, Issue 3, p. 312 –322
20. P. Jalali, S. Taghipour, N. Bianchi, A simple and efficient model for slotless eccentric surface-mounted PM machines , IET-Electric Power Applications, vol 11, pp 640-652
21. S. Taghipour, M. Mardaneh, H. Haheshemi, , A Dynamic and Heuristic Phase Balancing Method for LV Feeders , Applied Computational Intelligence and Soft Computing, 2016
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23. S. Taghipour, A. Abedini, A. Oraee, H. Oraee, Approach for analytical modelling of axial-flux PM machines , IET electric power applications Volume 10, 2016, pp. 441-450
24. Samad taghipour, Vahid Zamani, Influence of magnet shaping on cogging torque of surface-mounted PM machines , International Journal of Numerical Modelling Electronic Networks, Devices and Fields, 2016, vol 29, pp. 859-872
25. Hamidreza Mohabati, Javad Shokrolahi Moghani, Samad Taghipour, Complex vector modelling and sequence analysis of the integrated three-phase rotating transformer for design of a symmetrical structure” Fully laminated shell-type three-phase rotating transformer for brushless applications , IET Electric Power Applications, Volume 10, 2016, p. 349 – 357
26. Taghipour Boroujeni, S. ; Zamani, V., A Novel Analytical Model for No-Load, Slotted, Surface-Mounted PM Machines: Air Gap Flux Density and Cogging Torque , IEEE Trans. Magnetics, Vol. 51, No. 4, April 2015
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29. S. Taghipour, M. Haghparast, N. Bianchi , Optimization of flux barriers of Line-start Synchronous Reluctance Motors for transient and steady-state operation , Electric Power Components and Systems, Volume 43, Issue 5, 2015 , pp 594-606
30. L.Alberti, N. Bianchi, S. Taghipour , Finite element estimation of induction motor parameters for sensorless applications , COMPEL: International Journal for Computation and Mathematics in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Vol.31, No.1, 2012. pp.191-205
31. S. Taghipour, N. Bianchi, L.Alberti , Fast Estimation of Line–Start Reluctance Machine Parameters by Finite Element Analysis , IEEE Trans. Energy Conversion, Vol.26, No.1, March2011
Research Journal
٣٢. حسین باقری نقنه، صمد تقی پور، عبدالرضا ربیعی، نورالدین تاکورابه, بهبود مشخصه ماشين القايي دو سو تغذيه بدون جاروبک با استفاده از يک مدار رتور جديد , دوره 10، شماره 1 - شماره پیاپی 24 فروردین 1401 صفحه 69-79
33. H. Zahedi; G. Arab Markadeh; S. Taghipour, Real-time Implementation of Sliding Mode Control for Cascaded Doubly Fed Induction Generator in both Islanded and Grid Connected Modes , Volume 8, Issue 2 Summer and Autumn 2020 Pages 285-296
٣٤. عباس خلیلی، صمد تقی پور بروجنی، عبدالرضا ربیعی , مدل سازي ديناميکي کشش نامتعادل مغناطيسي ماشين القايي رتور سيم پيچي شده در شرايط ناهم محوري رتور , نشریه الکترومغناطیس کاربردی، دوره 9، شماره 1 - شماره پیاپی 22 بهار و تابستان 1400 صفحه 17-25
٣٥. حسین باقری، صمد تقی پور، عبدارضا ربیعی, بررسي تاثير مدار رتور بر رفتار بي باري ماشين القايي دوسو-تغذيه بدون جاروبک , نشریه الکترومغناطیس کاربردی، دوره 8، شماره 2 - شماره پیاپی 21 پاییز و زمستان 1399 صفحه 97-106
36. H Zahedi Abdolhadi, G Arab Markadeh, S Taghipour Boroujeni, Sliding Mode and Terminal Sliding Mode Control of Cascaded Doubly Fed Induction Generator , Iranian Journal of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, vol. 17, no. 3, 2021, pp. 1955-1955
٣٧. وحید زمانی فرادنبه، صمد تقی‌پور،, بهینه سازی چندهدفه موتورهای با آهن ربای سطحی با روش مدل سازی تحلیلی جابه جایی قطب های آهن ربا، , نشریه علمی پژوهشی مهندسی برق و مهندسی کامپیوتر ایران، 1395، جلد 2-14، صفحات 134-128.
٣٨. صمد تقی‌پور و محمد حسین حجاره ،, بهینه‌سازی گشتاور دندانه در موتورهای آهنربایی سطحی به روش چند تکه کردن قطب¬های آهنربا، , 1394، نشریه علمی پژوهشی الکترومغناطیس کاربردی، جلد 4، صفحات 38-31.
٣٩. حق پرست مرتضی, تقی پوربروجنی صمد, کارگر عباس, بهبود ساختار هندسی رتور ماشین سنکرون رلوکتانسی با استفاده ترکیبی از شبکه عصبی، الگوریتم ژنتیک و روش اجزای محدود , نشریه مهندسی برق و مهندسی کامپیوتر ایران، 1392، صفحات 34-28
International Conference
٤٠. Seyed Payam Emami, Emad Roshandel, Amin Mahmoudi, Samad Taghipour Boroujeni, Solmaz Kahourzade, Permanent Magnet Generators for Wind Application: An Analytical Investigation , 2021 IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition (ECCE), 10-14 October 2021, Vancouver, BC, Canada



Number Student Name Title Defence Date
1. Danial Mansouri Boroujeni Analysis of unbalanced magnetic force in Inset-PM Machines سه شنبه ١٨ مهر ١٣٩٦
2. Pezhman Jalali Analytical modeling of eccentricity in surface-mounted PM machines چهارشنبه ١٠ آبان ١٣٩٦
3. Payam Emami Analytical modeling of eccentricity in surface-inset PM machines سه شنبه ٢٥ دی ١٣٩٧
4. Sadegh Raeesi Modeling of doubly fed synchronous reluctance machine شنبه ١ تیر ١٣٩٨
5. Ghasem Ghasemi Modeling and analysis of brushless doubly-fed induction machines using winding function method دوشنبه ٧ مرداد ١٣٩٨
6. Keyvan Sheibani Analytical Modeling and design of a Permanent Magnet Vernier Machine دوشنبه ١٦ دی ١٣٩٨
7. Mortaza Haghparast Design optimization of single-phase line-start synchronous reluctance machine سه شنبه ٢٢ اسفند ١٣٩١

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