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Friday 24 May 2024

Arash Daghighi

Associate Professor

Electrical Engineering-Electronics

Faculty of Technology and Engineering

Tel: 09136279359 (SMS)

E-mail: A [at] B , A = daghighi-a , B = sku.ac.ir OR A = arash.daghighi , B = gmail.com

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Research Interest
   Micro-Electronic Silicon-on-Insulator Devices and Circuits - 20 Years Record Track:
   Experimental Industrial Automation, Control and Electronic Systems - Mobarakeh Steel Company - 25 yrs Record Track:
   Method for Improving The Radio Frequency Linearity of Silicon-on-Insulator MOSFET Circuits (US8375341B2) - Granted Patent - High Rank Journal Publication:
   Double Insulating Silicon on Diamond Device (US9077588B2) - DI SOD MOSFET - Granted Patent - High Rank Journal Publication:
   Ph.D. In Electrical Engineering, Micro-Electronics, Washington State University, 2004.:
   Industrial Control, Automation, Electronics and Power - Rose Industrial Group - 25 Years Record Track:
   Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) MOSFET:
   Silicon-on-Diamond (SOD) MOSFET:
   Ultra-Thin-Body (UTB) and Ultra-Thin-Body & BOX (UTBB) SOI MOSFET:
   Double-Insulating (DI) Ultra-Thin-Body (UTB) SOD MOSFET:
   Quantum Mechanical Computing and Transistor Modeling - Nano-Electronics:
   Theory and Technology of the Device Fabrication - CMOS Processing:

Academic Resume
   Phd, Electrical Engineering, Washington State University, USA، Graduation Date: 2004
   Master, Electrical Engineering, K.N.Toosi University of Technology , Iran، Graduation Date: 1997
   Bachelor, Electrical Engineering, Isfahan University of Technology, Iran، Graduation Date: 1995

International Journal
1. Arash Daghighi, Afshin Dadkhah, A Capacitance Model for Threshold Voltage Computation of Double-Insulating Fully- Depleted Silicon-on-Diamond MOSFET , The European Physical Journal Plus, 138(12), Dec. 2023.
2. Afshin Dadkhah, Arash Daghighi, A Capacitance Model for Front- and Back-Gate Threshold Voltage Computation of Ultra-Thin-Body and BOX Double-Insulating Silicon-on-Diamond MOSFET , Jordan Journal of Electrical Engineering, Vol. 9, No. 3, 2023, pp. 357-368.
3. A. Daghighi, A. Khalilzad, Body Current Optimization using Threshold-Voltage-Adjust-Implant Engineering in 45nm SOI MOSFET , Majlesi Journal of Electrical Engineering, Vol. 15, No. 4, pp. 109-113, Dec. 2021
4. M. Teshnehlab and A. Daghighi, Multivariable Process Control using Flexible-Neural-Networks , 6th Iranian Conference on Electrical Engineering, PP. 225-229, 1998.
5. M. Teshnehlab and A. Daghighi, Expert Neural-Network Controller for Real Experimental System , 3rd Asian Control Conference, ASCC, PP 326-329, 2000, China
6. A. Daghighi and M. A. Osman, Optimization of Body Contacts in SOI-MOSFETs , IEEE Workshop on micro-electronics and Electron Devices, Boise, Idaho, October 25, 2002, USA.
7. A Daghighi and M A Osman, A Two-dimensional Model for Investigating Body Contact Structures in PD SOI MOSFETs , Microelectronic Engineering, Elsevier Science, Vol 70/1, pp 83-92, 2003.
8. A. Daghighi and M. A. Osman, Three-Dimensional Simulation of Body Contact-Structures in PD SOI-MOSFETs , 15th IEEE Biennial UGIM Microelectronic Symposium, PP. 288-291, 2003, USA.
9. A. Daghighi and M. A. Osman, Small-Signal Analysis of A SOI-MOSFET Device with novel Area-Efficient Body Contact , IEEE SoutheastCon 2005, PP. 88-91, 2005, USA.
10. A. Daghighi and M. A. Osman, Application of A new Body Contact to SOI LD-MOSFET Devices, 3-D Simulation , 30th IEEE International Semiconductor Conference, Oct 15-17, 2007, Romania.
11. A Daghighi, MA Osman and MA Imam, An Area Efficient Body Contact for Low and High Voltage SOI MOSFET Devices , Solid-State Electronics, Elsevier Science, 52, 196–204, 2008.
12. K Ghowsi, A Daghighi and H Ghowsi, Conductometric studies of simple electrolytes and micellar solutions , Asian Journal of Chemistry, Vol 22, No 6, 2010.
13. S Otroj, A Sagaiean, A Daghighi and Z Nemati, The effect of nano-size additives on the electrical conductivity of matrix suspension and properties of self-flowing low-cement high alumina refractory castables , Ceramics International, Elsevier Science, Vol 36, No 4, 2010.
14. A Daghighi, K Ghowsi and M Nilforoushan, Automated conductometry measurements of simple electrolytes and micellar solutions using a voltage divider technique , Journal of solution chemistry, SpringerLink, Vol 39, No 7, pp 959-966, 2010.
15. S Otroj, MR Nilforoushan, A Daghighi and R Marzban, Impact of Dispersants on the Mechanical Strength Development of Alumina-Spinel Self Flowing Refractory Castables , The Journal Ceramics-Silikáty, Vol 54, No 3, pp 284-289, 2010.
16. S Otroj and A Daghighi, Microstructure and Phase Evolution of Alumina-Spinel Self-Flowing Refractory Castables Containing Nano-Alumina Particles , Ceramics International, Elsevier Science, Vol 37, No 3, pp 1003-1009, April 2011.
17. A Daghighi and MA Osman, Experimental Characterization of PD SOI MOSFET Devices Fabricated with Diamond-Shaped Body Contact , International Journal of Electronics, Vol 98, No 6, pp 801-812, June 2011.
18. A Daghighi, A Novel Structure to Improve DIBL in Fully-Depleted Silicon on Diamond Substrate , Diamond and Related Materials, 40, pp 51-55, 2013.
19. A Daghighi, Output-conductance transition-free method for improving radio frequency linearity of Silicon-on-Insulator MOSFET circuits , IEEE Trans. on Electron Devices, Vol. 61, No. 7, July 2014.
20. Arash Daghighi, Hadi Hematian , Diamond-shaped body contact for on-state breakdown voltage improvement of SOI LDMOSFET , Solid-State Electronics, Volume 129, March 2017, Pages 182-187.
21. Arash Daghighi, Method for improving the radio frequency linearity of silicon-on-insulator MOSFET circuits (US8375341B2) , USPTO patent office, 2013.
22. Arash Daghighi, Double insulating silicon on diamond device (US9077588B2) , USPTO patent office, 2015.

1. A. Daghighi، Diamond-Shaped Body Contact for Silicon-on-Insulator MOSFET, Structure and Design، 1st Edition, LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, ISBN, 978-3843389518

1. Search the Google Patents for the inventor list names: Arash Daghighi I have two Granted US Patents
2. Double insulating silicon on diamond device (US9077588B2) Double insulating silicon on diamond device (US9077588B2)
3. Elected Student of 3rd Iranian Nation-Wide Physics Olympiad, 1990.

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