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Tuesday 9 March 2021

Fayez Raiesi


Soil Science

Faculty of Agriculture

Tel: 09133820638


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Research Interest

Academic Resume
   Bachelor, , University of Tabriz, Iran، Graduation Date: 1990
   Master, , Wageningen Agricultural University, Holland، Graduation Date: 1994
   Phd, , Wageningen Agricultural University, Holland، Graduation Date: 1998

International Journal
1. Raiesi F, Kabiri V, Carbon and nitrogen mineralization kinetics as affected by tillage systems in a calcareous loam soil , Ecological Engineering 106, 24-34
2. Khadem A, Raiesi F , Influence of biochar on potential enzyme activities in two calcareous soils of contrasting texture , Geoderma 308, 49-158
3. Raiesi F.G. and P. Buurman (1998) , Effects of CO2 enrichment on quality of leaf litter and on soil c dynamics in a mediterranean forest ecosystem , Fresenius Environmental Bulletin, 7:429-436.
4. Raiesi F.G. (1998) , Impacts of elevated atmospheric CO2 on litter quality, litter decomposability and nitrogen turnover rate of two oak species in a Mediterranean forest ecosystem , Global Change Biology, 4:6, 667-678
5. Raiesi, F.G. (2004) , Soil properties and N application effects on microbial activities in two-winter wheat cropping systems , Biology and Fertility of Soils, 40:88-92.
6. Raiesi, F. (2006) , Carbon and N mineralization as affected by soil cultivation and crop residue in a calcareous wetland ecosystem in Central Iran , Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 112:13-20.
7. Raiesi, F. and M. Ghollarata (2006) , Interactions between phosphorus availability and an AM fungus (Glomus intraradices) and their effects on soil microbial respiration, biomass and enzyme activities in a calcareous soil , Pedobiologia, 50: 413-425.
8. Raiesi, F. and E. Asadi (2006) , Soil microbial activity and litter turnover in native grazed and ungrazed rangelands in a semiarid ecosystem , Biology and Fertility of Soils, 43: 76–82.
9. Raiesi, F. (2007) , The conversion of overgrazed pastures to almond orchards and alfalfa cropping systems may favor microbial indicators of soil quality in Central Iran. , Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 121:309-318.
10. Ghollarata, M. and Raiesi F. (2007) , The adverse effects of soil salinization on the growth of Trifolium alexandrinum L. and associated microbial and biochemical properties in a soil from Iran. , Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 39:1699-1702.
11. Raiesi, F. (2012) , Land abandonment effect on N mineralization and microbial biomass N in a semi-arid calcareous soil from Iran. , Journal of Arid Environments, 76:80-87.
12. Beheshti, A. Raiesi, F. and Golchin A. (2012) , Soil properties, C fractions and their dynamics in land use conversion from native forests to croplands in northern Iran. , Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 148:121– 133.
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14. Ghorbani N, Raiesi F, Ghorbani S (2012) , Bulk soil and particle size-associated C and N under grazed and ungrazed regimes in Mountainous arid and semi-arid rangelands. , Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems 93:15-34.
15. Alizadeh P., Fallah S., Raiesi, F. (2012) , Potential N mineralization and availability to irrigated maize in a calcareous soil amended with organic manures and urea under field conditions. , International Journal of Plant Production, 6(4): 493-512.
16. Rajaei S, Seyedi SM., Raiesi F, Shiran B., Raheb J. (2013) , Characterization and potentials of indigenous oil-degrading bacteria inhibiting the rhizosphere of wild oat (Avena fatua L.) in southwest Iran. , Iranian Journal of Biotechnology, 11 (1): 32-40.
17. Ferydoni M., Raiesi F., Fallah S. (2013) , Ecological restoration of soil respiration, microbial biomass and enzyme activities through broiler litter application in a calcareous soil cropped with silage maize. , Ecological Engineering 58, 266-277.
18. Salek-Gilani S., Raiesi F., Tahmasebi P., Ghorbani N (2013) , Soil organic matter in restored rangelands following cessation of rainfed cropping in a mountainous semi-arid landscape. , Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems 96:215–232.
19. Fallah F., Ghalavand A., Raiesi F. (2013) , Soil chemical properties and growth and nutrient uptake of maize grown with different combination of broiler litter and chemical fertilizer in a calcareous soil. , Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis 44, 3120-3136.
20. Aghababaei F., Raiesi F., Hosseinpur A. (2014) , The combined effects of earthworms and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on microbial biomass and enzyme activities in a calcareous soil spiked with cadmium. , Applied Soil Ecology 75, 33-42.
21. Raiesi F. and Beheshti A. (2014) , Soil specific enzyme activity shows clearly soil responses to paddy rice cultivation than absolute enzyme activity in primary forests of northwest Iran. , Applied Soil Ecology 75, 63-70.
22. Raiesi F. and Riahi M. (2014) , The influence of grazing exclosure on soil C stocks and dynamics, and ecological indicators in upland arid and semi-arid rangelands. , Ecological Indicators 41, 145-154.
23. Aghababaei F., Raiesi F., Hosseinpur A. (2014) , The influence of earthworm and mycorrhizal co-inoculation on Cd speciation in a contaminated soil. , Soil Biology and Biochemistry 78, 21-29.
24. Aghababaei F., Raiesi F., Hosseinpur A. (2014) , The significant contribution of mycorrhizal fungi and earthworms to maize protection and phytoremediation in Cd-polluted soils. , Pedobiologia 57, 223-233.
25. Raiesi F. and Beheshti A. (2014), Soil C turnover, microbial biomass and respiration, and enzymatic activities following rangeland conversion to wheat–alfalfa cropping in a semi-arid climate. , Environmental Earth Sciences 72, 5073-5088.
26. Raiesi F. and Beheshti A (2015), Microbiological indicators of soil quality and degradation following conversion of native forests to continuous croplands. , Ecological Indicators 50, 173-185.
Research Journal
٢٧. متقیان، ح. حسین پور ع.، رئیسی ف، محمدی ج. (1393), اثر ریزوسفر گندم بر قابلیت استفاده و شکل های روی در تعدادی از خا کهای آهکی. , مجله علوم و فنون کشاورزی و منابع طبیعی ( علوم آب و خاک) سال هجدهم / شماره شصت و هفتم، ص 137-149.
٢٨. نادری م ر، دانش شهرکی ع ر و رئیسی ف (1393) , ارزیابی کارآیی شش رقم آفتابگردان در استخراج گیاهی سرب از یک خاک حاوی سرب با سابقه بلند مدت. , نشریه آب و خاک (علوم و صنایع کشاورزی)، جلد ۲۸، شماره ۳، ص 597-605.
٢٩. ریاحی م و رئیسی ف (1393) , پویایی کربن خاک در مراتع طبیعی تحت چرا و قرق در سه اکوسیستم مرتعی کوه های زاگرس مرکز ی. , نشریه آب و خاک (علوم و صنایع کشاورزی)، جلد ۲۸، شماره ۴، ص 753-۷۴۲.



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