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Wendsday 23 September 2020

Along with educational activities in the rented building in 2002, constructing the main building of the faculty started on an approximate 4,000 square meters of the land, and the building was inaugurated in October 2005.  The first floor encompasses the required space to hold educational classes and workshops such as

  •     Cultural and Student 
  •     AffairsWeaving and Restoration
  •     Pottery and Ceramics
  •     Basics of Visual Arts
  •     Chemistry Labs
  •     Design 1 and 2
  •     Transportation
  •     Photography
  •     Self-Service
  •     Publication
  •     Warehouse
  •     Mosque
  •     Dyeing
  •      Wood
  •      Metal
  •      Glass

:The second floor of this building includes the following

  •  painting work
  •  Computer Accesses
  •   Conference Rooms
  •   Studying Rooms
  •    Library

And, the third floor of the building encompasses the below

  • The Admshopsinistrative Building

    :  Offices for

o    The Dean

o    The Deputies

o    The Academic Members

The number of the books in the library are about 3,600, 697 of which 697 are in French, English, and the rest in Persian. The Persian books are in disciplines such as Philosophy, History, Religion, Art, Literature, and Psychology. Most of the books are on Art.

:The specialized journals in the library are the followings


  •    The Carpet of Iran
  •     Photography Camera
  •     Photo
  •     Film
  •    Graphics
  •    hair   
  •    axford art journal  

There are about 20 CDs and films in the library on the historical monuments of Iran and the works of modern artists.

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