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Wendsday 23 September 2020

The Faculty of art


The Faculty of art affiliated with Shahrekord University and located in the city of Farsan with an approximate 2,000 square meters of land began to work in 2002 by admitting 25 B.A. students of Carpet and Handicrafts. The faculty also began to admit 52 B.A. students of Visual Arts in 2003, all of whom graduated in the second semester of the academic year 2004-2005. The faculty now holds B.A. in Carpet (Designing, Dyeing, and Mats) and Handicrafts (Pottery, Wood, and Painting).

The Departments of Carpet and Handicrafts enjoy five full-time academic members, and the faculty invites almost 30 adjuncts to teach in each semester.

Farsan Faculty of Humanities started to admit students in Theology in 2006, and there are about 65 B.A. students of Theology now studying in this faculty.

Workshops related to the major courses of the students were established in the faculty. Such courses are Design 1 and 2, Basics of Visual Arts, Photography, Chemistry Labs, Dyeing, Wood, Metal, Glass, Pottery, Weaving, and Restoration.

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