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Monday 12 April 2021

We hope that the establishment and expansion of the Arts and Cultural Organizations of the universities can pave the way for participating in prevalent and spontaneous student activities as well as recognizing and introducing the artists and intellectuals.”
(The Supreme Leader)
Main Objectives
  • Regulating student cultural activities within the framework of the Arts and Cultural Organizations to increase group activity among the students
  • Providing the groundwork to encourage student arts and cultural activities
  • Motivating the students to pursue research on cultural issues
  • Paving the way for providing a cultural security
With the convention of the General Assembly, five members of the Central Council are elected for a period of one year, of whom one is elected to be the secretary of the organization who starts to operate with the other members of the organization.    
There are currently nine Arts and Cultural Organizations for boys and girls in Shahrekord University, listed as the followings:
  • Quran and Generation of Ahl al-Bayt Organization
  • Andisheh Organization for Girls
  • Arts and Cultural Organization
  • Greenpeace Organization
  • Innovation Organization
  • Red Cross Organization
  • Sacrifice Organization  
  • Prayer Organization
  • Health Organization

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