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Monday 12 April 2021

By the help of student publications, this center helps men of pen to share the students’ news, beliefs, ideas, and interactions with one another and the society at large.
  • Responding to the requests for publication and reforming the way complaints are investigated
  • Creating optimal conditions to help the students collaborate more in student publications
  • Classifying and increasing the number of publications as well as enhancing their quality
  • Determining the amount of provision for each issue in line with the Classification Plan
  • Setting up educational courses, workshops, competitions, and so forth
  • Offering consultations, support, and guidance to student publications
  • Regulation the student publications and improving their quality
  • Creating an archive for student publications
  • Protecting the copyrights of the publications

Shahrekord University

Address: Shahrekord, Rahbar Bolvar, Shahrekord University
Tel: 03832324401 till 03832324407
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Email: info@sku.ac.ir

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