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Monday 12 April 2021

The university plays a substantial role in enhancing culture, and it puts heavy emphasis on the all-inclusive development of the quality and quantity of life in different cultural, social, economic, and political dimensions. Thus, the Academic-Student Associations Center has pursued two main objectives: first, educating professional and competent graduates for the world of economy and the job market, and second, educating committed citizens based on the rapid changes of the present era listed below:
  • The heavy load of information, the speed of modifications, the combination of various sciences and technologies, the need for team work rather than individualism, and the emphasis on analyzing the data rather than saving them
  • The rapid changes of the job market, the necessity of making adaptations to the urgent demands of the market, the presentation of innovative business ideas, and so forth
  • The broad range of abilities a person requires in order to land and keep a job
Therefore, it seems necessary to teach associational qualifications to the students in case they confront challenges caused by the abovementioned transformations as well as problems created by the traditional methods of transmitting knowledge in the university. Some of these associational qualifications are listed below:
  • Holding realistic business expectations and thinking locally about such expectations
  • Collecting, organizing, analyzing, and transferring data as well as utilizing technology
  • Regulating activities as well as studying and displaying organizational behavior
  • Doing team work, applying critical thinking, and validating different beliefs  
  • Developing cultural understanding and taking commitment and morality
In order to meet the abovementioned requirements, the Academic-Student Associations have launched their official activities since 1999 in universities affiliated with the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology. To achieve the objectives of the Twenty-Year Development Prospectus of the country and with regard to the emphasis of the Supreme Leader on software movement and the preparation of the Document for the Civilization-Building University, such associations have gained particular attentions since October 2005 in such a way that more than 3,600 Academic-Student Associations are currently operating in the universities of Iran.
The followings are the objectives of the associations pursued since 1999:
          Increasing the students’ participation and competition in collaborative, academic activities and institutionalizing such activities
          Maintaining and strengthening the connections between the higher education and the different parts of the society
          Deepening the students’ academic insight and knowledge with the help of the professors’ academic abilities  
          Paving the way for cultivating the students’ talents and stimulating their academic talents
Academic-Student Associations
  • Natural Resources Engineering (Rangeland and Watershed Management)
  • Mechanical Engineering of Agricultural Machinery
  • Agronomy and Plant Breeding Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering (Solid Mechanics)
  • Natural Resources Engineering (Forestry)
  • Persian Language and Literature
  • Animal Sciences Engineering
  • Plant Protection Engineering
  • Fluid Mechanics Engineering
  • Soil Science Engineering
  • Horticulture Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Materials Engineering
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • English Translation
  • Physical Education
  • Computer Sciences
  • Water Engineering
  • Pure Mathematics
  • Civil Engineering
  • Handicraft
  • Theology
  • Robotics
  • Genetics
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Carpets
  • Law
The associations have won 12 prestigious awards in three National Movement Festivals, specifically held to present the achievements of the academic-student associations in the country.
The following are some of the workshops/contests/conferences/training courses/speeches carried out by Shahrekord associations:
2 Designing, launching, and supporting websites/weblogs for the associations
2 Four provincial and regional macaroni bridge contests
2 Four national workshops on English translation
2 The First Soil-Water Mechanisms Contests
2 Two provincial water rocket contests
2 Workshops and training courses for:
          Extracurricular activities for the M.A. Entrance Exams
          Characteristics of an ideal academic association
          English for different proficiency levels
          Greenhouse management
          Thermal steel operations
          Specialized software
          Welding Testing
          Piping, Proteus
2 Congresses and speeches on:
          Introducing the university to the freshmen
          Islamic jurisprudence and family law
          National Day of Nuclear Technology
          Genetics in the third millennium
          Khayyam, Ferdowsi, and Hafiz
          Astronomy Week
2 Scientific/academic tours and visits:
          The gardens and greenhouses of Chaharmahal Bakhtiari Province, Kashan, Isfahan, Tehran, Karaj, Shahreza, Bandar Abbas, and so forth
          The rangelands and forests of Chaharmahal Bakhtiari Province, Shiraz, Kashan, North of Iran, and so forth
          The dams and power stations of Karun 1 and 2/the Zayandehrood River
          The Refineries and Petrochemical Plants of Shiraz, Isfahan, and Arak
          The Agro-Industrial Companies of Ahvaz and Gorgan
          The glass industries, cement, and fireproof materials of Ghazvin
          Wagon Making and HEPCO of Arak
          Shiraz Electronic Industries (SEI)
          Iran Khodro Company (IKCO)
          Mobarakeh Steel Company
          The automotive industries
          North and South Fisheries
          Isfahan Optics Industries
          Bushehr Nuclear Plants
          Isfahan Steel Company
          The Ulamas
          South Pars

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