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Friday 20 September 2019

he Computer Center of the University was established in 1996 in order to offer computer services and support the educational and research activities of the professors and students. As the most important official authority of higher education in each society and the most important institution to train experienced and knowledgeable professionals, a university is in contact with up-to-the-minute technology, and there is mutual interaction between the two. Information technology is the most tangible and most general technology in the realm of new technologies thanks to its widespread influence and penetration. The mission of this office is to provide suitable grounds and infrastructures for information technology in the university.


Ø Activities

·          Equipping and expanding the computer accesses in order to provide service to the  professors and students

·          Offering hardware, software, and network services to the different units of the university

·          Expanding and maintaining the university Web site as the online bulletin of the university

·          Supporting online activities like online registration and official automation  

·          Extending the infrastructures of information technology in the university

·          Repairing, maintaining, and upgrading the hardware and the network

·          Offering computer counseling to the different units of the university

·          Encouraging Internet use among the professors, students, and staff

·          Offering periodical hardware, software, and network services

·          Offering e-mail services, file transferring (FTP), and dialup

·          Offering Web services (Internet connection)

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